The Palestinians Get More Support

The Palestinians continue to get support for their push for an independent state. Russia has welcomed in the UN General Assembly before a Palestinian state with full membership of the United Nations. Previously, China had already announced full support for the Palestinians in pursuit of one’s own state. The country supported by all means of “just cause” such as the creation of an independent Palestinian state and its admission into the United Nations, Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi said on Monday before the UN General Assembly in New York.

Through negotiations a two-state solution in Middle East can be achieved, so one state for Israel and the Palestinians. The Chinese foreign minister also supported the intention of the Palestinians declare a state within the borders before the Six Day War of 1967 and with East Jerusalem as its capital.

UN diplomats are hopeful show that an initiative of the Quartet to the peace process is going. “There are some pillars were driven into the ground, which could make the conversations more effectively than before,” UN Under Secretary General Lynn Pascoe told the UN Security Council. The plan was presented on Friday by the Quartet of UN, EU, U.S. and Russia, it provides a clear timetable. “It is not easy, but now is the time to give diplomacy a chance,” said Pascoe. He again criticized Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories as illegal.

“The train of the Palestinians has finally left the station, to go after decades of injustice and oppression in a better future,” Lebanese Prime Minister Mikati Nadschib said at the meeting. “Palestine meets all internationally agreed conditions to be recognized as a state,” Mikati said. “But it is an occupied country!” Mikati said the other 14 states on the Security Council to approve the application for the Palestinians.

Russia support the initiative of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas for an independent state, Moscow’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told the UN General Assembly. “We support the request of the Palestinians at the UN Security Council and welcomed the readiness of President Abbas to negotiate in international terms with Israel.” Objective of the negotiations could only be peace and security, but just go with a two-state solution to a peaceful coexistence of Israel and a Palestinian state. The foundations for this were created long ago, the Russian said.

Lavrov’s support for the Palestinians was not unexpected. This gets the current situation in the Security Council clearer contours. UN is offset by the supporters of the Palestinians, for example Brazil, India, South Africa. The U.S. wants to block its recognition, until the Palestinians and Israel have concluded peace. The application submitted by Abbas to UN is to be transferred on Wednesday, first in an audit committee.

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