Collision of Two Subway Trains in Shanghai, over 200 Wounded

Two Shanghai subway trains collided on Tuesday afternoon due to failure of the automatic signal, over 200 wounded in the accident.

The accident occurred at 2:51 p.m. when a train crashed into another from behind on metropolitan network Line Ten of the economic capital in China, said in a statement by the operator of the metro.

The crash “was due to a signaling problem,” said the company Shanghai Metro. Photos published on Chinese microblogging services showed passengers bleeding on the face, others lying on the floor, while firefighters were on the subway.

Line 10 resumed operations at 19 ​​o’clock. The speed ​​limit was set to 45 km/h.

Shanghai Ruijin Hospital confirmed receipt of those injured in the collision. The accident came two months after a collision of two high-speed trains in July 23 near Wenzhou, which had killed 40 people and severely damaged the reputation of high-speed rail in China.

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