A Billionaire in Central Committee of Communist Party?

Top of the country’s fortune list, Liang Wengen may soon join the governing body of the People’s Republic.

In autumn 2012, the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party may welcome a billionaire in its Central Committee, for the first time in the nation of “workers and peasants”. Aged 57, Liang Wengen, the richest man in the country, would join the group of two hundred members which combines the most senior Chinese leaders.

As co-founder of Sany, a company based in Hunan Province and specializes in the manufacture of heavy machinery construction, Liang Wengen amassed a fortune of $9.3 billion.

According to the latest list published earlier this month by Forbes magazine, in 2011, China has 146 billionaires, 20 more than last year. Hurun magazine, based in Shanghai, for its part listed 271, 82 more than in 2010. However, they both agree to assign the first place to Liang Wengen. And both acknowledge that their figures are lower than reality. “The actual number of Chinese billionaires has more than 600,” says Rupert Hoogewerf, director of Hurun magazine.

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