Alibaba Will Be Worth $32 Billion

The Internet giant is growing, Alibaba Group in Hangzhou, the largest Chinese online trading company would now be worth $ 32 billion. The figure comes out when the push of various investment companies to buy into Alibaba, has become known.

The group is not listed, but its subsidiary Its share price rose on Friday in Hong Kong by up to 7 percent. The groups Yunfeng Capital, Silver Lake and DST Global intend to lead a consortium that wants to take something less than 5 percent of the Alibaba Group. It was announced on Friday that they offered for up to 1.6 billion dollars. The consortium also includes the state fund Temasek of Singapore, which is already involved in Alibaba.

By comparison, the market capitalization of U.S. Internet company Yahoo is about $ 17 billion, slightly more than half of the estimated value of the Alibaba Group. Yahoo holds 39 percent stake in Alibaba, which are computationally now worth $ 12.5 billion. Yahoo has paid for the share in 2005 about one billion dollars. The second major owner of Alibaba is the Japanese technology company SOFTBANK with 30 percent.

The investment companies will not buy shares of these large shareholders, but from all of the Alibaba staff. Many employees have been waiting a long time on making cash, for example, through an IPO.

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