U.S. Complained to the WTO Against China

On September 20th the U.S. addressed complaint to the World Trade Organization (WTO) against China, accusing Beijing of setting unreasonable duties on the import of U.S. chicken and turkey. According to the newspaper The Wall Street Journal, to the end of the year manufacturers will have to pay nearly a billion dollars in fees.

In turn, China September 21 stated that the duties on poultry from the United States were introduced legally. The Chinese believes that U.S. producers receive subsidies from the government, and deliver their products to the Chinese market by deliberately reduced prices.

Duties on imports of chicken and turkey meat from the United States have been introduced by China in September 2010. Fees range from 50 to 100 percent of the price of supplies. Thus, in some cases, importers have to pay double the price.

China and the United States regularly complain to each other in the WTO. In 2009, Americans expressed dissatisfaction with the imposition of duties on the import of U.S. steel pipe. In turn, China has complained about the U.S. decision to raise tariffs on imports from China later on.

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