China Condemns United States Arms Sales to Taiwan

China condemned the U.S. for its latest offer to sell weapons to Taiwan, called the move “gross interference” in internal affairs of China and warned it could damage military ties and security between Washington and Beijing.

The Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Zhang Zhijun, expressed “strong indignation and resolute opposition” on the decision of US to upgrade F-16 fighter and sell other military equipment when he called the U.S. ambassador, Gary Locke.

Zhang stressed that regardless of excuses and reasons, the U.S. announced plans to sell arms to Taiwan is a serious intervention in the internal affairs of China.

The path chosen will inevitably harm U.S.- China relations, cooperation and exchanges in the fields of military, security and others, Zhang stressed.

He warned Washington not to take more actions that harm the fundamental interests of China and bilateral cooperation.

Tensions over the last sale of U.S. arms to Taiwan could obscure the relationship between economic giants for a while. Comments indicated that Beijing’s military relations came to a halt, as happened after previous sales.

Last year, these arms sales were part of a series of disputes that strained relations between China and the U.S..

United States put a formal end to diplomatic relations with Taiwan when it recognized Beijing in 1979, but says it is bound by law to help Taiwan defend itself.

The government of President Barack Obama formally notified Congress of a potential upgrade of Taiwan’s aging fleet with American-made F-16 fighter aircraft.

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