DHL Plans to Accelerate Expansion in China

The division of Deutsche Post, DHL Express International will accelerate its expansion in China. By 2015 DHL will have 90 offices in this area, currently there are 65, said Roger Crook, CEO of DHL Express International, on Tuesday.

The expansion will focus on the Chinese inland market, where the demand for logistic services is increasing. Many Chinese companies will make stronger commitments to the west of the country, and DHL Express will head West from the coast together with these Chinese companies.

DHL Express has invested approximately $ 30 million in China, said Kelvin Leung, who heads the North Asian area business. And there is no reason to believe that the investment plans could be reduced. In contrast to Europe and the USA, the business environment in China is still relatively robust.

DHL China business manager Steve Huang said that China’s import growth was stronger than export growth, his company will respond to the increase of Chinese domestic consumer demands.

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