Famous Directors Help Promote Brigitte Lin’s New Book

Legendary Taiwanese film star Brigitte Lin appeared at Peking university yesterday to read excerpts from her new book as part of a promotion tour.

After a 17-year absence from the film industry, the 57-year-old actress introduced her new book “Window in the Window” 《窗里窗外》: Brigitte Lin’s Puppetmaster” to mainland readers at the Beijing event.

Jiang Wen, director of the film “Let the Bullets Fly,” hosted the event, while prestigious Hong Kong director Tsui Hark also made an appearance to support his old friend Lin.

“Window in the Window” contains 50 essays in three sections—”Memories of the Past,” “On Filmmaking” and “Nowadays.” In the book, Lin recalls her trip to Cannes with late mega pop star Teresa Teng and her feelings about late legendary actor Leslie Cheung when she first met him.

Lin also made two promises to Jiang Wen at the event—the first was to write the prologue to Jiang’s new book, and the second was to read voiceovers in his new movie.

“Saying ‘OK’ is her character,” said Tsui Hark. “When I found her to perform in ‘Peking Opera Blues,’ I told her to cut her long hair. She said to me, ‘OK.’ When I invited her to perform the role of a transgendered man in ‘Swordsman,’ she told me, ‘OK. So when she asked me to attend this event, I had only one answer: OK.”

At the end of the event, Tsui and Jiang sent their calligraphy as a special gift to Lin.

Lin also told her readers and movie fans that they should not consider her a beauty.

“I neither want to be a beauty nor a professional writer,” Lin said. “I just want to communicate with readers through writing.”

By Chen Nan

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