Shang Xia, “Hermes China” Soon be Ready for Paris

Shang Xia currently has only one store in Shanghai, it plans to open two more before September 2012 in Beijing and Paris.

The “Hermes China,” Shang Xia, has the ambition to bear the establishment of the East to West. One year after the launch of the pioneering Chinese luxury brand, the bet is on track to succeed.

“Clearly, customers have approved the project, and brand identity is affirmed and accurate,” says Patrick Thomas, the head of Hermes. The brand, which currently has a shop in Shanghai, has to simultaneously open two more before September 2012 in Beijing and in Paris.

The founder and president of Shang Xia, Jiang Qiong Er, is pleased that her customers are “60% Chinese and 40% foreign.”

Style, elitist, a bit esoteric, the brand has already evolved. “Our mind is to become sleek, contemporary also classical, to find the beauty from the furniture of the Ming Dynasty, porcelain of Song and textiles of Han, “continues Qiong Er. It is estimated that in one year, “the brand has matured a lot, with a style and materials that become clearer, a team structure which will allow to deploy.”

“For now only excellence is important to us and we want to take the time,” says still Patrick Thomas, The turnover would be around 2 million euros, and also would be “higher than expected.”

The manager of Hermes said that the French group does not practice acquisitions, anf this is the same logic of its organic growth in China. And we like to repeat that Shang Xia is not a brand of second line of Hermes for the Chinese market. “Qiong Er has a total creative autonomy and the two brands are completely separate. They share only two things: the philosophy of handicraft quality and style that made the success of Hermes, and shareholders.” The French group is the very majority shareholder of the new brand, to 90%.

On the side of Chinese market, in Shang Xia, it is convinced that the horizon is wide. The new Director General of Shang Xia, Philippe Lamy, was fascinated by the evolution of the luxury market in China. “Elsewhere, he said, we saw different generations of buyers, with more sophisticated tastes.” Here, everything goes so fast that they piled up.” The transition to international with the store opening of Paris, will be the time to check the universality of its values and style claimed by Shang Xia.

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