Apple Gets Criticized for Opening Store in Peking University

U.S. computer company Apple was under criticisms from Internet users in China for opening a store in the premises of one of the most prestigious universities in Beijing.

On Weibo, Chinese version of Twitter, nearly 16,000 entries overwhelmingly condemned the plan to open a store in the library of Peking University, denouncing in particular the management of the university for accepting the facility. “The store takes up space in the library, which already has so few seats.” “Business operations will destroy the atmosphere of study.”

Apple did not respond on the subject but a spokesman for the university assured that the store would not sell products directly but to promote themselves, allowing students to try.

The newspaper China Business News said, however, the students could fill out order forms.

By the end of April China has the 900 million mobile phone users, nearly 70 million using 3G. The iconic products from Apple, such as iPhone4 or digital tablet iPad 2, had always caused long queues at the stores.

In 2007 Starbucks was forced to close one of its coffee shop as it was in the Forbidden City, which had provoked indignant reactions among the people denouncing serious harm to the historic site.

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