Alain Juppe Praised “Excellent” Relations Between Paris and Beijing

The French Foreign Minister, Alain Juppe, started Tuesday a three-day visit to China. He met with Chinese Premier and his counterpart Yang Jiechi. On Wednesday, he will visit the southern cities of the country and to Hong Kong on Thursday.

The first day of the French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe’visit ended with a dinner with State Councilor Dai in a duck restaurant in Beijing.

There is less spoken of the yuan at Canberra (Australian stage of Alain Juppe’s visit to Asia-Oceania in which he mentioned the undervaluation of the Chinese currency), without dodging the issues of disagreement.

“We do not agree on everything, but we talk about everything,” said the head of French diplomacy, who discussed with his Chinese counterparts the idea of a UN resolution condemning the repression in Syria.

China has made a step forward since the “Arab spring” now recognizing the National Transitional Council but remains opposed to any pressure to the Syrian regime.

“I hope that things are moving in the Security Council as I did last week with Sergey Lavrov” (the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs), further indicated Alain Juppe.

Another difference of opinion between Paris and Beijing: the problem of European debts.

“Do not underestimate Europe, although today she is in trouble,” said Alain Juppe this afternoon to the students of Tsinghua University which forms much of the elite in Beijing. “The continent remains the largest economy in the world. Nothing will happen in the 21st century without China, but nothing more will happen without Europe.” He added.

Wednesday Alain Juppe leaves for the south. He will stop at Zuhai where he will inaugurate the Franco-Chinese Institute of Nuclear Energy. With the aim to train annually more than a hundred Chinese experts who specialize in nuclear engineering.

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