Toyoto Unveils New Yacht Targeting China

Toyota Tuesday unveiled its new model, the Ponam-35, a yacht of 35 feet (11 meters), which also has market in China.

“Ponam” is taken from Waipounamu, which in Maori mythology means whale. The world number one automobile manufacturer has entered the Japanese recreational boating market in 1997. It is now number three for the boats and eight meters behind Yamaha Motor and the manufacturer of tractors Yanma.

The Ponam-35, which is also available in version 28 and 45 feet, is powered by a 4.5-liter diesel engine derived from the Toyota Land Cruiser SUV with a technique for better stabilization. It is a premium cruiser ideal for pleasure cruising and fishing that also offers comfortable accommodation. It features a rigid hull of a high-strength aluminum alloy – a popular Ponam feature, as well as excellent operability achieved with technology adapted from Toyota automotive technology.

Toyota, which wants to promote its marine business in Japan is also interested in China, where wealthy individuals are sufficiently numerous to afford a boat at 59 million yen (540,000 euros) for version 35 feet, said Shinichi Sasaki, one of its leaders.

Series Ponam is not marketed in Western countries where customers prefer models at least 18 meters.

Manufacturer’s suggested retail price3: 59,010,000 yen (56,200,000 yen excluding consumption tax).

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