Dell and Baidu Start to Attack Chinese Mobile Internet

The computer giant and the “Chinese Google” has announced a partnership to sell tablets and smartphones.

The world number two PC manufacturer tries to rebound in China. Dell wants to sell its tablets and smartphones on the most dynamic market in the world. The Texas group has announced a partnership with China’s Baidu to break into this market now dominated by Apple, Samsung and Lenovo. The Chinese search engine is a manufacturer of terminals and ready to support its ambitions in the phone. The two partners have not given the launch date of these new products. Dell has already launched in June a 10-inch version of its tablet Streak for the Chinese market only, while the model sold in the United States is unable to make a breakthrough.

A market of 900 million subscribers

Baidu, which dominates the market for Internet search in China is diversifying at high speed. It seeks to gain weight in mobile telephony, a market of over 900 million subscribers. It launched Friday a platform for mobile applications called Baidu Yi, which will allow third-party developers to create applications on the same model as Apple’s AppStore. Baidu Yi works with Google’s Android mobile operating system.

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