Kim Jong-Il Was Wary of China

The North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il is wary of China, its only ally, and alter performances to please the Americans, according to a cable published by WikiLeaks who transcribed remarks from 2009. Returning from a visit to Pyongyang, the president of South Korea’s Hyundai Group, told U.S. Ambassador Kim Jong-Il had dropped a reflection that he did not trust China. This cable, dated August 28, 2009, gives no other details.

During his meeting with U.S. Ambassador, the president of Hyundai Group, Hyun Jung-Eun, depicts Kim Jong Il pretty well disposed towards the United States.

The leader of North Korea has ordered changes in parades and tableaux for the holiday celebrations of Arirang, including the removal of scenes on the firing of a missile as it was heard that the Americans did not like it.

“He had also heard that the South Koreans did not like seeing so many soldiers in parades, and so there were more students”, says the diplomatic cable, citing Ms. Hyun.

A few months before the meeting between Hyun Jung-Eun and North Korean leader, Pyongyang has fired long-range missiles and conducted a nuclear test.

Kim Jong-Il has also described his relations with Japan as “worse than ever” and ordered, in the words of a senior North Korean visitor, all Japanese cars removed from the streets of Pyongyang.

The president of Hyundai Group, visited North Korea since his group was present in this country, through the joint operation of the Mount Kumgang tourist site and the industrial zone of Kaesong.

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