Harry Potter Still The Leader of The Box-Office

With a successful launch in China and nearly 26 million dollars in revenue, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 retained for the fourth consecutive week the head of the international box office outside the United States. David Yates‘s film generated $ 62 million on 15,632 screens in 61 countries.

Harry Potter overshadows the Smurfs

Besides China, the other four largest markets are the United Kingdom ($ 4.2 million), Japan (4.8 million), Germany (4.3 million) and France (4 million). The international total has now reached 791.1 million dollars, plus 342.8 million raised in the U.S., that’s $ 1.13 billion in total, making it the third highest grossing film in history behind Avatar and Titanic.

Smurfs, the little blue creatures did not have to blush. The film combines live action and animation, moved into second place after coming out in 35 countries with 45.2 million dollars. The biggest market is Brazil (6.65 million) followed by France with $ 5.9 million in 714 theaters.

The “Apes” strong start

Third, Captain America: The First Avenger breaks the 100 million internationally with 103 million in total, with a weekend of $ 27.5 million in 41 countries. The film beat Rise of the Planet of the Apes, who signs a good first weekend in 25 countries with $ 23.4 million raised.

Cars 2 took fifth place this weekend with $ 20.1 million for its seventh weekend internationally, for a total of 258.4 million and 443.1 million after revenue in North America taken into account. Transformers 3 beat the sixth this weekend with $ 17.5 million in 62 countries, while Super 8 points in seventh place thanks to its French release, which has contributed $ 5 million to its revenues of the weekend, at $ 15.5 million.

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