Ikea is Cloned in Kunming

After Dyson, Apple and luxury perfumes discovered their clones in China, this time it is the Swedish brand IKEA who found a cloned store in Kunming, southern China, the store belongs to a Chinese brand called “11 Furniture”.

The new furniture and decorative accessories store covers an area of 10000 square meters. According to the spokesman of the IKEA Group, Camilla Meiby, it looks just like the Swedish giant: same colors, same bags, same staging and presentation of the rays, even cafeteria model… Ultimate disturbing detail – not least – the pronunciation of two Chinese brands is much the same.

The IKEA Group has launched an investigation to determine whether or not 11 Furniture violate its intellectual property rights by taking concepts that made the success of the famous Swedish furniture brand. “The best thing we can do to prevent fake shops appear, is to open more stores and make IKEA products available to more people”, said the group in a statement. IKEA currently has nine stores in five cities in China.

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