China Bans Lady Gaga’s Music from Internet

The Chinese authorities have banned a hundred songs from Internet music portals, including those of global stars as Lady Gaga or the Backstreet Boys.

The Chinese Ministry of Culture says the ban is intended to “restore order” of the online music market that needs to be purged from songs which are “harm the security of the state culture.”

Beyonce Knowles, Katy Perry and Britney Spears, the Canadian group Simple Plan and the British group Take That are on this blacklist of banned songs on the network.

Lady Gaga has six titles in the red zone: The Edge of Glory, Hair, Marry the Night, Americano, Judas, and Bloody Mary. The Chinese Ministry of Culture does not explain why the songs of Lady Gaga are under a ban which is in force since August 19.

Beijing has set a limit on 15 September for the portals to eliminate the one hundred banned songs. Those who do not abide by the rule will be taken to court. Since 2010, China requires prior authorization for the songs broadcasted on the Web.

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