Russia and China Showed Their Opposition to The UN Sanction on Syria

Russia and China today once again showed their opposition to the proposal made by U.S. and the countries of the European Union (EU) for the United Nations to approve a package of sanctions against Syria. no member of Russia or China delegations attended the meeting of the Security Council meeting on that matter.

A Western diplomat confirmed that neither Russia nor the representative of China’s delegation appeared at the meeting of the Security Council on Syria issue to discuss the draft resolution made by European and U.S..

“Neither Russia nor China were presented, but we hope to join the talks on the draft resolution in a constructive way as quickly as possible,” said the same diplomat.

The same source noted, however, that Europeans and Americans held “constructive talks” with the other members of the Security Council and stressed the will of the delegations to convince the Russians and Chinese that “you cannot turn a blind eye to the terrible situation in Syria. ”

Other sources of the Security Council also indicated that “it is too early” to officially present the resolution within the decision-making body of the UN, where “still needs more time to discuss” the various opinions that awakens Damascus crackdown on demonstrators.

“It is urgent that we mobilize. President Bashar al-Asad does not respond to requests from the international community and we believe that the Security Council must act,” said the source.

At a meeting Wednesday at the UN headquarters in New York representatives of Russia and China have already shown their disapproval of the idea of U.S. and EU countries to impose sanctions on Syria, a strong opposition made by the Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin.

“It’s the wrong strategy,” said the diplomat then, for those who impose sanctions on the Assad regime would only contribute to “exacerbate” the divisions in Syria and encourage “further” confrontation, the international community should encourage the “dialogue” between the parties.

The proposed sanctions that the U.S. and EU countries distributed to other delegations of the Security Council this week includes the freezing of assets of 23 individuals, including al-Asad and four entities, as well an arms embargo.

Also among other things, includes a “clear indication” that the Security Council may recommend to the Office of the International Criminal Court (ICC) to open investigations of crimes against humanity committed in the Arab country.

In addition, Russia and China were two of the countries that voted against this week that the Human Rights Council UN condemning the Syrian regime’s crackdown on demonstrations, although the opposition did not stop the condemnation, which also approved sending an independent commission to Syria to investigate possible crimes against humanity there.

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