Specialists Will Try to Save Little Yiyi’s Leg

Chinese authorities announced Tuesday that a team of specialists will be sent to treat the two-year-old girl whose leg was severely injured in an accident of high-speed rail which claimed at least 40 lives last month.

The girl Weiyi Xiang (项炜伊), nicknamed “Yiyi” by Chinese media, survived waiting 21 hours after rescuers reported that there were no survivors. Her parents are among the victims.

She became a symbol not only victims of this accident, but also the apparent indifference of the Ministry of Railways with this tragedy. Some blame the botched operations were planed to restore rail service as quickly as possible but the rescue work was delayed.

Another response to popular discontent, the spokesman of the Ministry of Railways Wang Yongping (王勇平) was dismissed from his post, according to Xinhua news agency.

Mr. Wang was the target of numerous verbal attacks and ridicule from a press conference during which he had described the rescue of Yiyi as “miracle”. He was also unable to clearly explain to reporters why one of the locomotives involved in the accident had been buried so quickly.

The Chinese Ministry of Health announced on its website Tuesday that four experts will visit the city of Wenzhou to treat Yiyi. The official press reported that the child has already undergone five surgeries to remove dead muscle of her leg and heal her wounds.

The Chinese government took this decision after the uncle of the little victim, Xiang Yuyu (项余遇), posted an open letter on his blog Sunday, in which he requested assistance from the Ministry of Railways.

“She has been through an ordeal by being abandoned alone for a long time. I can not imagine one day we complain and cry for we didn’t try our best effortto to fight for a better result.” Wrote Mr. Xiang.

His letter has been reposted on many web sites. An editorial published on the Southcn.com says “To see if Yiyi could regain use of her legs is a test of the humanitarian spirit of the Ministry of Railways.” The same text was posted on the website of the official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party.

According to official announcement, a design error in signaling system is the cause of the train accident.

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