President of Bolivia: “Soon the U.S. Will Be a Colony of China”

The president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, has predicted that “soon the U.S. will be a colony of China”, advocating for the power of the Asian giant in world economy. The president was in China last week to close a series of trade agreements.

Morales highlighted the agreements signed with representatives of public and private sectors of this country. “There is a strong interest in government and private sector in China to work together with Bolivia in mutual projects,” he asserted.

These agreements relate to energy projects, mining, infrastructure and food security. In particular, highlights including China’s investment for industrialization of the Salar de Coipasa, construction of the Tupac Katari satellite, which will be launched into orbit in 2013, and the sale of food to the Asian giant.

On the other hand, he has stressed the importance of the program of 60 scholarships for Bolivian professionals specialized in various sectors and postgraduate courses funded by the Chinese government.

He also announced that next September, a Chinese delegation will travel to Bolivia to define investment programs in the hydrocarbons, telecommunications, security, combating smuggling and transportation, which require a transfer of technology.

Morales, who returned Monday after visiting the cities of Beijing, Shenzhen and Shanghai, has described his stay in China as “unforgettable.” “I always carry in my heart a great memory.”

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