More Fans on Chinese Social Networks? Just Pay!

In China, companies propose to increase artificially the number of your subscribers for a fee.

“Who would you like to follow? Someone with 2,000 followers or with 20,000 followers?” That’s the question posed by the Chinese company Yangcheng Media on its site. All fans of social networks respond in chorus “20,000” since it is actually recognition of the need to have a number of fans to make a name on the web, especially on the micro-blogs.

A niche in which some companies were quickly involved, such as the company Yangcheng Media, which proposes to artificially increase 100 subscribers for 1 yuan and therefore increase your popularity.

40% of Chinese Internet users have tried the micro-blogging services.

In a country where the press is muzzled by the authorities – the number of Internet sites dropped 41% in 2010 in China – the “micro-blogs” are in fact one of the few ways for Chinese Internet users to communicate and disseminate information. Accordingly, China has 500 million Internet users and 40% of them have an micro-blog account, such as (Sina) and

For in the Middle Kingdom, the stars of “micro-blogging” are “Made in China”. Facebook and Twitter are indeed censored since 2009.

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