Farmville Developer Zynga Promotes Business in China

The Farmville developer Zynga strengthened its position in the billion worth China market. Tuesday the company announced its partnership with Chinese Internet company Tencent. The online game Zynga City (星佳城市) will be a Chinese version of City Ville on the platform of Tencent Pengyou. Zynga is already active in China since May 2010. Currently the company is preparing its IPO.

City Ville was the first game of Zynga, this sucessful game was developed in several languages and there are several million players worldwide who are building their online dream city.

Zynga City contains many elements from traditional Chinese culture, according to the company.

Zynga offers its games through various online portals, the company generates revenue by selling virtual items – such as agricultural machinery for the land in Farmville. Thus, the company earned approximately $ 90.6 million on revenue of $ 597.5 million in 2010. From documents that were submitted for the upcoming IPO, it appears that including Google, the U.S. bank Morgan Stanley and the founder of business network LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman, are involved in Zynga.

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