Chinese Supply Chain of Fake Tax Stamps Dismantled in Algeria

A network specializing in producing and distributing counterfeit tax stamps has been dismantled in Algeria.

All these counterfeit tax stamps are produced in China, transported in containers on board and carefully hidden in appliances, said a source close to the investigation. These stamps are of different values (2000 Algerian Dinar, 500 Algerian Dinar …), they can be used for passports, driving licenses and other documents.

It all began with the arrest of a 25 year old in the network, responsible for participating in the sale of fake tax stamps, says the source. The enforcement action was conducted by the National Gendarmerie in the wilaya of Batna.

The investigation revealed that an importer of El Eulma, in the wilaya of Batna, was responsible for delivering large quantities of fake stamps from China to Algeria.

The latest seizure of these counterfeit products is worth almost 10 billion centimes, said the source.

This case is reminiscent of the discovery in a port in Algeria, a container filled with coins of 100 Algerian Dinar, produced in China. Such cases raised serious concerns, especially when it comes to products related to national sovereignty, including stamps and coins.

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