Ambassador: Greek Debt Crisis Is An Opportunity For China

The debt crisis in Greece is a good opportunity for Chinese companies to invest in the privatization plan that will reorganize the country, said Sunday the Chinese ambassador to Greece.

Ambassador Luo Linquan (罗林泉), whose remarks were reported by the Xinhua news agency, estimates that the impact of the debt crisis on trade between China and Greece will be limited and that Chinese companies should consider how to take this opportunity.

“Greece needs structural reform and privatization. Amenities in transport, new energy, electricity, water… will gradually open to foreign companies,” he added. “There are projects where Chinese companies are very good at,” he said.

The Greek privatization program will begin with the sale of the company OPAP Paris, number one in its sector in Europe.

China has mentioned several times to have faith in the euro and the ability of Europe to address the crisis.

The governor of China’s central bank Zhou Xiaochuan said on Saturday that China welcomed the second bailout plan for Greece and China would still trust in the euro area and its currency.

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