German Customs Seized 13 Million Counterfeit Cigarettes from China

The German Customs port of Hamburg has achieved success in the fight against organized cigarette smuggling. As a spokesman for the Customs Service announced on Thursday, investigators were able to confiscate a total of 13 million counterfeit cigarettes from China. Prevented the fiscal damage amounts to € 2.6 million.

The action lasted several weeks. The first cargo of 1.6 million have been discovered in the Hamburg harbor in early May. The customs agency said that officials had identified on radiographs of the containers of counterfeit goods. For the cigarette packages were hidden behind granite stones – not visible from the outside. Three more containers with five million counterfeit brand cigarettes Marlboro and L & M were then also withdrawn from circulation. In the last week once again achieved a success: 6.4 million smuggled goods arrived at the port and were seized.

The customs authority explained that the merchandise was shipped from China. These smuggled goods were to be further sent to Poland via Hamburg. Presumably, the cigarettes were destined for the market in England and Germany. In Western Europe these brands will be especially popular. Thus, the customs investigation could be assured that the goods were counterfeit, samples were sent to the original manufacturer and tested there.

Currently, the officials are tracking down the suspects to investigate if they were in contact with the neighboring countries of Germany.

This year in Hamburg the customs authority has already seized twice as many untaxed cigarettes as throughout the past year.

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