Han Kuang Military Exercises Simulate Defense Against Chinese Cyber Attack

Taiwan today began the simulation of Chinese cyber attack on the island as part of its annual Han Kuang military exercises to test their defensive capabilities.

The computer war games, which will last five days, take into account the modernization of Chinese military arsenal, including the launch of its first aircraft carrier, said Capt. Hau Yi-chi (郝以知) general of the Ministry of Defence.

The island will simulate naval defense against an attack that Chinese carriers may include, among other possible scenarios for China’s military offensives, said Hau.

According to the press in Hong Kong, the first Chinese aircraft carrier will shortly begin its sea trials, but its official launch will be in October 2012.

The carriers plan was confirmed by the Chief of Staff of the PLA, Chen Bingde.

The live-fire exercises of maneuvers Han Kuang held in April this year.

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