Paris Chic: Premium Quarterly for the Chinese Visitors to Paris

Paris is well worth to put itself in Mandarin. Recognizing the growing power of Chinese customers in the capital of France, The French news group Figaro is ready to launch a free premium quarterly “Paris Chic” for the Chinese visiting to Paris.

In the format of Figaro, thirty-two pages, business people and tourists from the Middle Kingdom will discover Paris in Mandarin, the French national daily now offers its readers Mandarin content on fashion, beauty, watches, food, outings …

To reach its target, Paris Chic will be distributed both in China and France, in places frequented visited by all Chinese travelers looking to experience the capital and shopping. The total circulation reaches 220,000 copies: 150,000 copies in China and 70,000 in France.

More than 2 million visitors each year

In China, the distribution will be set up in travel agencies and business areas of airports. It will also be distributed through premium clubs banks ICBC and Bank of China. In France, Paris Chic will be visible in 600 hotels, and three to five-stars luxury hotels.

The potential is considerable. According to the World Tourism Organization, more than 2 million Chinese visit France every year by 2020, against 600,000 in 2009. Currently, 60% of their budget goes to luxury shopping.

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