New Porsche Cayenne: Up to 12 months of waiting in China

Porsche is working hard to deliver its new Cayenne, while Chinese customers sometimes have to wait for 12 months.

The German manufacturer would take no more than six months to deliver new Cayenne to the global market. The demand for large luxury off-road increased by a further 37% during the first six months of the year, a clear sign of a healthy high-end market throughout the world.

But it will wait until early next year to see production capacity increase of about 10 to 20%.

In the first half, the manufacturer has sold 60,659 new cars, or 36.8% more than last year over the same period. Bernhard Maier, a member of the Management of Porsche AG in charge of Sales and Marketing, expressed his satisfaction with this development: “During the month of June, our sales have again increased significantly, allowing us to make better figures than expected. The sharp increase in orders, particularly our front-engined sports model, the Cayenne and Panamera, promises good results in the coming months.”

In June 2011, Porsche is growing in most regions. Chinese customers again assert themselves as great lovers of brand models, with 2,423 units sold, sales figures quadrupling year on year. The models are the most popular off-road sports and sports sedan, the Panamera and the Cayenne.

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