Colombia Calles on China to Reconsider the Death Penalty to Colombian Citizen

The Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the Consulate of Colombia in Beijing, tried to avoid the enforcement of the death penalty to a Colombian citizen in China, as reported in a statement Thursday. Harold Carrillo Sanchez was sentenced the death penalty.

“As the Colombian Constitution does not contemplate the death penalty for committing a crime, we ask the Chinese authorities to reconsider the sentence imposed on Mr. Harold Carrillo Sanchez,” said the Colombian Foreign Ministry.

The man’s family asked the Colombian Government to intercede with the Chinese justice for their family member to avoid the death penalty in China.

Harold traveled last March 11 to China and was caught allegedly trying to smuggle 3,000 grams of cocaine. In April this year he was sentenced to death.

“We just received notice in June. He made a mistake, but murder is not the way of justice,” said Juan Pablo Carrillo, the brother of Harold.

He added that according to documents received from the Chinese government, his brother can get another conviction. “If you have a good performance in two years, you will no longer be sentenced to death but to life imprisonment.”

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