China Supplies 85% of Counterfeit Products in EU

As the main source of counterfeit products entering Europe, China provided 85% of the counterfeit products seized at EU borders in 2010, revealed on Thursday by the European Commission in a report on customs operations.

In 2009, 64% of counterfeit goods seized by customs of the European Union come from China, according to this document.

Beijing is far ahead of Turkey, Thailand, Hong Kong and India, countries that specialize in specific counterfeit products, such as drugs for India or memory cards for Hong Kong.

Overall, over one billion euros worth of counterfeit goods were seized by EU customs.

The figure (some 103 million worth of seized products), is below the previous years, since Europe intercepted 117 million in 2009 and over 178 million in 2008.

But the amount of fakes shipped by post rose dramatically, with seizures almost doubling to 80,000 last year from 43,500 in 2009, a trend linked to the increase of online purchases, the commission said.

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