Open Water Swimming in Kanas Lake, Xinjiang

Coached by famous former swimmer Zhang Jian, a team of four athletes successfully crossed the 24-km-long Kanas Lake in Xinjiang on 9th of July. Each team member gets $10,000 reward after the challenge.

Located in northern Xinjiang, Kanas Lake is China's second largest deep alpine lake, covering an area of 45.78 square kilometers.
Swimmer Xue Feng (right) and his navigator on kayak.
It is the first time in human history people swim across the Kanas Lake, 4 athletes challenged the limit of human in open water swimming (average water temperature 14 degrees Celsius).
Swimmer Wang Dan.
Xue Feng first reached the finish line.
Wang Dan came ashore.
The team before departure. The entire course lasts 24 km.

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