The Chinese No Longer Represent One Fifth of The World Population

The usual phrase “one people in five in the world is Chinese” no longer fits reality because the world’s most populous nation has spent over 30 years in controling population from which represent 22 percent of the world population to 19 percent today, declared the Chinese Government during the ceremony to celebrate World Population Day in China.

The announcement joined Li Bin, director of the State Commission for Population and Family Planning. Li stressed that China is a developing country with lower birth rate and life expectancy has raised in three decades from 68 to 73.5 years, a figure comparable to that of developed countries.

The head of population control also noted that China will pursue policies to keep the ratio of births, despite calls in recent years, especially in more developed areas of the country, to relax the policy of “only child”.

This policy was instituted in the late 70’s to curb overpopulation and, according to government statistics, if the country had not implemented, currently China would have 1,700 million people, instead of the 1,300 million.

Li Bin also referred to the imbalance in gender. the Last census published by the National Statistics Bureau in late April showed great disparity in this indicator among newborns.

The World Population Day this year is dedicated to youth. According to the sixth census, China’s annual growth continues, albeit at a slower pace, group of people aged 60 years or more has increased rapidly, and decrease of group aged from 0 to 14.

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