Iran Blocks the Entry of Low Quality Products from China

The governments of Iran and China have signed a cooperation agreement to block the entrance of low quality products from the Asian giant to the Islamic Republic, as reported by the Iranian television channel Press TV.

The document, signed in Beijing on Saturday, is a regulation of products entering into the country and aims to “control and regulate the goods that cross national boundaries,” according to IRNA agency reported.

The agreement came after years of negotiations on the matter. In practice, affects the 4,500 consumer and industrial goods imported from China to Iran. According to the text, all products entering the country must meet the Iranian law and must have received the validation of its quality by both countries.

“The document is an important step in developing economic and trade cooperation between Iran and China,” said the Iranian ambassador in Beijing, Mahdi Safari.

The bilateral trade volume reached 30,000 million dollars annually. Safari has said that it is hoped that through this agreement this amount will increase by another 10,000 million in the remainder of the year.

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