New Peak of Inflation in China

According to figures released Saturday, another record for China’s inflation has been set. The consumer prices index rose to 6.4% year on year in June, a new peak over the last three years. This is well above 5.5% in the previous month, and it is also more than 6.2% anticipated by economists. The prices soared 14% in food, especially the pork (57%). And a new phenomenon: 3% increase of non-food, the highest since 2005.

The trade surplus for the second global economy stood at $ 22.3 billion in June. A figure significantly higher than the 14.2 billion expected by economists, but is not necessarily good news. For if exports remain strong, with an increase of 17.9%, this figure is slightly lower than expected. Meanwhile, industrial production posted its worst performance in 28 months, the symptoms of a slowdown in growth are increasing.

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