China Expelled a Swedish Student

A Swedish student in China has seen his visa revoked after calling on his blog to a flash mob in Shanghai for freedom of expression, reported Swedish public radio Saturday.

“For a long time I want to try to organize a small event that could simultaneously attract the attention of the paranoid” said Sven Englund (应斯文), 24, on his blog in Swedish on 1 July, the anniversary of 90 years of Chinese Communist Party.

And on a separate blog in Chinese, Sven Englund has posted 3 open letters to President Hu Jintao since April. He asked prospective participants to the event wearing the word “freedom” somewhere on their bodies to a central location in Shanghai and stay five minutes.

Chinese authorities issued him a visa for just two days and ordered the departure.

On Sunday He arrived at Gotland, his old home island in Sweden, and was interviewed by most major Swedish newspapers.

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