China Advance the Publication of Economic Indicators

China will advance the publication of key economic indicators, while government officials are subject to an investigation for disclosing some of the figure before the public release.

Politically sensitive, the figure of consumer prices index for June will be released on Saturday with six days in advance, said Thursday the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).

Analysts said the rise could reach 6%, the highest figure in almost three years.

“Reducing the time between production and publication of the figures will help reduce the risks they are released before their announcement,” said a statement from the NBS.

The growth figure for the second quarter, as well as those of industrial production, fixed investment and retail sales for June will be released Wednesday, two days ahead of schedule originally planned.

For the rest of the year the timetable for publication of economic indicators has also been advanced a few days each month.

In the future, the main monthly figures will be released “within 24 hours of production”, according to the NBS.

The Bureau of Statistics also announced that it reduced “the number of people with access to confidential information.”

The announcement comes as several government economic officials are the subject of an investigation into leaks of economic data.

Chaoming Wu, a researcher at the Central Bank and the assistant section chief of the NBS named Sun were arrested recently.

Mr. Wu is suspected of having provided economic data prior to publication to brokerage firms for payment.

Indicators of the second world economy are closely watched by banks and governments around the world, and move financial markets.

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