DPRK: Thousands of People Gathering, Denouncing Lee Myung-bak Government

July 4, 2011, Pyongyang, Kim Il Sung Square, 100,000 people gathering, condemned South Korean Lee Myung-bak government as “Gang of unprecedented traitors”.

100,000 people gathering at Kim Il Sung Square to protest the South Korean government's provocative actions, several North Korean military and political leaders attended.
The slogan of South Korea insulted the DPRK army and regime and caused strong resentment among the DPRK. The protest is a direct response to the provocations.
"Once attack, we'll annihilate the enemy completely,"
"Crush Lee Myung-bak government's anti-DPRK confrontation activities!"
People shouting slogans to express their loyalty to North Korean leaders.

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