Audi’s Growing Dependence on China

In the first half year, the VW subsidiary Audi in China sells more than 140,000 vehicles and for the first time more than in Germany. Every fourth Audi is now on Mainland China and Hong Kong’s streets.

Despite a cooling overall market, Audi is not to slow down in the Far East. The Ingolstadt-based carmaker has increased its sales expectations for China again, and assured that the country would remain the most important market for the foreseeable future.” Our minimum forecast for 2011 is 280,000 vehicles, but we are definitely over it,” said the country director Dietmar Voggenreiter. Between 2011 and 2013 one million cars are to be sold. “Mathematically, the annual sales in the next two years must be no less than 360,000.”

With such an increase of almost 29 percent, Audi would put the rate of growth once again. Last year, the German domestic market is still well more than 1,000 cars in China. “This year, however, it is unstoppable, that China overtakes Germany” announced Voggenreiter. Audi Chairman Rupert Stadler expected for the Federal Republic “over 230,000” units, about 50,000 fewer than in China. Voggenreiter added, even the top models A8 and Q7 sold nowhere better than in China. But there was no consideration to relocate their production there.

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