iSec: Lenovo Responds to Microsoft’s Kinect

Lenovo, the IT manufacturer of Chinese origin, plans to launch a game console in China this year. In China where sale of game consoles is formally prohibited since 2000, an opening to this market means about 5,800 million dollar business.

Eedoo Technology, a subsidiary of PC gaming giant Lenovo plans to launch its console called the iSec in September or early October in China, a gadget with gestures control similar to Microsoft Kinect, according to a company spokesman, Zhang Zhitong.

The law banning the sale of game consoles has been in effect since 2000 and came after pressure from parents for their disapproval of the devices. Therefore, at this time, an apparent violation of the rules “could lead to accusations of bias”. “Somehow they will get away with it, but where are the other consoles of other companies?” Said Lisa Cosmas Hanson of Niko Partners, a consultant to the Asian market games.

China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which regulates the gaming industry, did not respond to questions sent by fax and phone on the launch of Eedoo or the status of the ban. In addition, the company has said that the console will have other uses in addition to playing and this will be the base of its arguments to commercialization permit.

“This device can display photos, play music, use the Internet and has many other functions,” said Zhang. “This is an entertainment device in the home. The function of the machine game is just one of its many capabilities.” The same argument could be used by Sony, whose PlayStation 3 console can be used as Blu-ray and can be used to access your music and movie services Qriocity in streaming.

In fact, the Japanese company has always pushed to enter the Chinese market. “The Chinese government is the one who ultimately make decisions. You can not force.” said Assistant to the President of Sony and outgoing president of its game unit, Kazuo Hirai in an interview at the E3 gaming convention in Los Angeles in June.

For its part, Microsoft also hopes an opening to the Chinese market due to the large volume of business they could find. “Although the Xbox has not yet been introduced into the China market due to restrictive policies, we hope that we will be able to take this step soon,” said a company spokesman.

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