Alibaba to Launch Cloud Based Mobile Operating System

The Alibaba China could become a major player in the field of operating systems for mobile phones just as Android, IOS, or WP7. The Chinese e-commerce specialist, prepares to launch its own operating system (OS). But this new system has a particularity: it is based on the cloud, literally the “cloud computing”. In other words, this new system will store the user data on remote servers. Such OS therefore requires a connection to broadband Internet in all circumstances.

This project will be launched in the third quarter of this year. Initially, the system may be accessible only to the Chinese market but “nobody says it will not be used elsewhere after”.

This launch marks another milestone for Alibaba, more used to make software and especially shopping sites online. More and more companies are trying to step into the growing market of smartphones. Another Chinese giant Baidu, Google’s competitor in China would launch its own OS for the Chinese market, based on the technology of Google Android. If these Chinese projects are completed, Apple, with its own system IOS, Microsoft Windows 7 Phone and Google, which has the Android operating system, could see their global market dominance eroded.

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