Oil Spill Polluting the Gulf of Bohai

For a month, there haD been oil leaking from an oil platform in the Gulf of Bohai in the north of China. The National Bureau of Maritime Affairs said Tuesday that the leak has contaminated an area of 840 square kilometers.

The platform Penglai 19-3 “has caused a degree of pollution and damage to the marine environment,” said a statement posted on the website of the office. “The Chinese Maritime supervisors began an investigation,” said the Chinese government, which is particularly focused on American operator of the platform, the company ConocoPhillips.

Nuisance for fishing is considerable, according to China Daily, which reported that marine plants and dead rotting fish were seen around the island of Nanhuangcheng, 75 km from the platform.

“The environmental impact of the oil spill will be long term,” said a local fisheries official named Xiao.

About 70 cubic meters of water polluted with oil were recovered, according to the National Bureau of Maritime Affairs, which states that the leak is basically over, but that small oil slicks still appear near the platform.

The media criticized the silence for several weeks by the operators of the platform. According to Han Xiaoping, director of china5e.com site, specializing in energy, quoted by CNR, “hide such information can have serious consequences,” because “the Bohai is a closed sea, its ability to self clean is limited.”

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