Adoptions of Chinese Children Fell by 80% in Spain

The number of Chinese children adopted by Spanish families has declined by 80% in the last five years due to economic growth in China. This was stated by China’s ambassador to Spain, Zhu Bang Zao, who attended the national meeting of the National Association for the Defense of the Child (Andeni), more than 250 people from over one hundred families attended the meeting in Madrid.

Accompanied by the President of Andeni, Manuel Grandal, China’s ambassador acknowledged that his country has experienced tremendous economic and social development. This has led to not giving as many children as possible. “With China’s economic development, life has improved and many people do not abandon their children.”

After wishing that Chinese children do not forget their country of origin, the ambassador expressed his belief that in the future, “these children can be a bridge of friendship between China and Spain.”

According to his data, the U.S. is the first country with adopted children, and Spain is in second place. “It shows that China has a lot of confidence to Spain, and China has great confidence in these organizations like Andeni.” said Zhu Bang Zao.

For his part, the president of the National Association for the Defense of the Child (Andeni), Manuel Grandal said that in recent years there are up to 15,000 adoptions of Chinese children, of which 4,000 have been processed through Andeni.

The closing of the day took place with the performance of Round Segovia, a musical group that offered some folk songs. Events will continue on Sunday with cultural activities and sightseeing in the capital and the province.

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