Li Na is the Pride of Chinese People

This Saturday, June 4 will remain a historic day for tennis. By dominating the defending champion Francesca Schiavone (6 / 4, 7 / 6), Li Na became the first Chinese to win a Grand Slam title.

“It’s time for China in tennis history!” exults Fu Wei as other fans gathered in a bar in Beijing to celebrate, like the rest of the country, Li Na’s victory at Roland Garros. The first time a Chinese champion in a Grand Slam tournament.

“I’m really happy. This is the first Chinese, the first Asian to win a Grand Slam!” adds Zhang Xuejiang, a young woman of 25 who watched the game while drinking a beer with her boyfriend. A little later, other young fans out of a bar in jubilation, ensuring that the Chinese nation is proud of the feat of his player from the city of Wuhan, capital of Hubei province.

State television CCTV hailed “strong mind” Li Na. At the end of the match, CCTV, which broadcasted the finals live from tens of millions of viewers in a country of 1.3 billion people, has even posted this message: Li Na, we love you! ”

Li Na has written the history of tennis sport. She is the first Chinese to win a Grand Slam tournament. At the other end of the world, nearly 400 million of his countrymen have followed the achievement of the national hero in front of their television set. Tennis, sport more and more universal, definitely has no border.

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