GEEK: My Kidney for an iPad!

Zheng. a 17-year-old boy in China, traded his kidney for an iPad. In late April. This young man came across an online ad for organ donation. The advertiser provides 20,000 yuan for a kidney.

“I wanted to buy an iPad 2 but I had no money, ” the teenager told the correspondent. After some negotiations, the young man rised the price of his kidney to 22,000 yuan and set off to Chenzhou, in Hunan province, where the intermediary was brought into contact with the local hospital.

Three days later, one kidney has gone, the young man returned home with an iPhone and a laptop under his arm, also some post-operative complications (according to the Global Times, the hospital is not authorized to perform organ harvesting). He eventually confessed everything to his mother, who then reported the case to the police.

This case sparked the fury of thousands of Internet users, trapped by the rampant materialism that is gaining a new generation of Chinese, also the corruption and immorality of the new capitalist in China.

Organ trafficking is widespread in China despite government attempts to end it. Last year, Japanese television reported that a group of “tourists” had paid more than 50 000 euros to get a new kidney transplant in China.

More than one million Chinese are in need of organ transplants each year and less than 10,000 are lucky to get what they need.

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