Chinese Vice President Calls on UN to be More Concerned with the Development Issue

The Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping said on Thursday in Rome that the UN should pay more attention to the issue of development and increase its contribution.

“Only then can the UN meet the Millennium Development Goals, improve their response to complicated international issues, and promote peace and development,” Xi said in his meeting in Rome with the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon.

Both leaders are in Rome to attend the celebrations of the 150th anniversary of the reunification of Italy.

The world situation has gone through profound and complex changes and the cause of world peace and development still faces a number of uncertainties, said Xi.

Being the most universal and most influential intergovernmental organizations in the world, the UN plays an important and irreplaceable role in promoting multilateralism, in coordinating international cooperation in responding to global threats and challenges, “said xi.

To better meet the expectations of the international community, Mr. Xi has suggested the UN should adhere to guidelines and principles outlined in the UN charter and focus more on development issues.

China, as the largest developing country in the world and a permanent member of UN Security Council, has always actively promoted, supported and practiced multilateralism while maintaining the authority and functioning of the UN, Xi said.

“We fulfilled our responsibilities and obligations seriously, our contribution to the UN carries out its own duties,” he said.

China will continue to fully support the UN to play its vital role in international affairs, to participate actively in the UN work in all areas, to develop a partnership with the UN and to provide support and coordination for the UN, “he promised.

Mr. Ban praised the success of China’s socioeconomic development. As a permanent member of UN security Council, China has always played a responsible power and actively promoted the cause of world peace and development, “he said.

China has also made significant contributions to help underdeveloped countries in Africa and elsewhere and reduce tensions in areas of tension such as the Korean Peninsula, which has earned recognition from the international community, he said.

The UN wants to continue to strengthen its cooperation with China and lead efforts tirelessly for peace and development worldwide, he added.

Mr. Xi is on an official visit to Rome at the invitation of Italian President Giorgio Napolitano.

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