Baidu May Launch Its Own Mobile OS Based on Android

The Chinese search giant may use the Open Source Android to compete in the largest domestic market in the world. Baidu, the search leader in China, seems motivated to roll out its own mobile operating system, Qiushi, from the latest version of the AOSP (Android Open Source Project). This competition could break the ambitions of Google and Apple in Chinese mobile market.

Baidu understands that the battle for advertising plays in mobility. Since last July, it has already released a keyboard, a mobile reader, a browser or a mapping service, all compatible Android and Symbian.

Qiushi, more than OS, is primarily the name of an advertising agency dedicated to mobile, as the Google AdMob or Apple iAd. Clearly, Baidu adopt a similar strategy to that of Google, based on its conceptual and software efforts.

According Ren Xuyang, vice president of Baidu, the company “intends to play a key role in the mobile Internet space, in partnership with operators, content producers, vendors and software developers to push the development of the industry”.

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