More than 660 reservoirs overflow in Anhui

The water levels of more than 660 reservoirs in Anhui are above the alert threshold, said an official of the department of water resources in the province. The control center floods in Anhui said that most reservoirs are small and only three are important.

Flooding caused by heavy rains have hit parts of eastern and southern China in June, killing at least 175 dead and 86 missing and caused 35 billion yuan (3.5 billion euros) direct economic losses, according to the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

Floods are frequent in China each year during the rainy season, causing the overflow of reservoirs.

The water levels of the Shuiyang and Qingyi rivers, two tributaries of the Yangtze River running through Anhui, had exceeded the warning safety level.

Operators of many reservoirs had started discharging water from them after the flood-control headquarters order them to do so.

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