Russia-China: a Stable Relationship Characterized by Longevity

“A new era for the Russian-Chinese relations.” Reported a Beijing newspaper as President Hu Jintao is currently on a visit to Moscow. This meeting coincides with the tenth anniversary of the “Treaty of Good-neighborliness, friendship and cooperation between China and Russia” which was signed in Moscow by the Heads of State of both countries. In a difficult international context, the Sino-Russian relations are characterized by stability and longevity. The highlight of the visit could be the long-awaited signing of a major gas contract. Meanwhile, Moscow and Beijing have joined forces to accuse NATO interpret “arbitrary” resolution of the Security Council of the UN.

During the past decade, the mechanism of cooperation between the two countries continued to strengthen and enrich themselves. Indeed, China and Russia have successfully defined the border peacefully extending over a length of over 4300 km through dialogue. Both countries have also put an end to disputes left by history and a bilateral strategic partnership has grown to cover almost all areas without leaving a gap. Cooperation between Moscow and Beijing has made decisive progress since the bilateral trade has increased from 10 to 60 billion, the cooperation in mutual investment and has intensified in the areas of production and technology, labor and finance. Meanwhile, the two countries have maintained close consultations for international and regional affairs, while focusing on cultural cooperation and deepen mutual understanding in order to advance global cooperation.

The Sino-Russian strategic cooperation is of general significance to safeguard their own interests, creating international stability and advance the establishment of a new international order.

This reconciliation initiated by the two neighbors should be extended with the signing of a gas deal between Gazprom and the Chinese company CNPC. The deal to carry a total of 70 billion cubic meters per year. Indeed, China seeks to diversify its supply sources and Russia wants to diversify its exports which are mainly oriented towards Europe. Unfortunately, these two countries fail to agree on the price of gas. The Russian and Chinese presidents failing to agree, do not sign any agreement this time, the difference in price is huge.

Despite this setback, the proximity of views on major international issues is still relevant. On Syria, for example, both countries oppose any resolution condemning Syria. In addition, the two countries, both condemned NATO’s action in Libya, which they accuse of arbitrarily interpreting the UN resolution. They also expressed their opposition to foreign interference in the crisis facing the Arab countries.

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