Po’s dreams came true. He became the Dragon Warrior to protect the Valley of Peace with his friends: Tigress, Crane, Mantis, Viper and Monkey. But this topissime life is threatened by a new enemy, Lord Shen, a wicked peacock decided to conquer China and destroy the kung-fu using a secret weapon and indestructible barrel. How can Po and his friends triumph over a weapon more powerful than the kung-fu?

Presented in preview at Cannes last month, the second episode of the adventures of Po the Kung-fu Panda, unwittingly illustrated one of the major themes of the Festival 2011: the family and the father-son relationship.

In this new animated film, whose implementation was entrusted to a woman (Jennifer Yuh, co-writer of the first episode), Po finds a childhood trauma came from that prevents it from effectively fighting the minions of the Lord Shen. His family was massacred by the evil peacock, which was predicted that a panda would prevent him from reigning over all of China. Only Po, still a baby, had escaped the massacre before being adopted by Mr. Ping, the restorer of the village.

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