Deadly Floods in China, More Rain to Come

Chinese meteorological authorities said Monday more extreme precipitations are expected to come, after flooding caused by torrential rain in central and southern China. About 170 were reported dead or missing.

The water levels of rivers and reservoirs in some regions of the Yangtze River are near or have exceeded their alert status, said the Chinese National Meteorological Center in a statement.

The situation is aggravated by the drought that had preceded it, which increases runoff and the danger of deadly mudslides, said experts.

The torrential rain in central and southern China caused 105 deaths and 63 missing, according to a government report updated Monday.

The floods in Yangtze River – the longest river of China – and in the Guangxi region (south) affected thirteen provinces or regions, and destroyed 465,000 hectares of crops, it was reported from the same source.

Torrential rainfall in summer comes each year in China. In 2010, Summer floods had caused the death or disappearance of more than 4,300 people.

Last year, a landslide in Gansu province (northwest) killed 1,500 people in August.

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